Space Maintainers

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Space manners in case - Overjoyed Pediatric Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA

When a tooth is extracted or lost prematurely (before the normal time when that specific tooth is supposed to be loose and fall off naturally), a space maintainer may be needed to hold the space for the future adult tooth to come in. 

There are two main categories of space maintainers:

-Cemented (fixed) Space Maintainer- Space Maintainer that is glued with bio-compatible cement on the tooth next to the space where we are trying to maintain.

-Removeable Space Maintainer-Space Maintainer that can be removed when brushing or eating.

Depending on the space(s) and location, your Pediatric Dentist will make the proper recommendation for your child’s space maintenance needs, which can be a crucial part in decreasing the chance for additional orthodontic needs/problems in the future.

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