Nerve Treatments

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Cavity is made up of bacteria infected tooth structure. If the cavity invades the inner part of the tooth where the nerve and blood vessels are located at, additional treatment such as a “nerve treatment” is indicated.

For pediatric teeth, “baby root canal” pulp treatment removes part of the infected nerve, and preserves the vitality of the tooth. Bio-compatible dental medication will be applied to the nerve space, and then a full-coverage crown will be placed to prevent bacteria from entering into the nerve space.

For adult tooth, if the cavity is not truly at the nerve but close to it, an Indirect Pulp Therapy may be used. During this treatment option, a special liner material will be placed on area close to the nerve to encourage healthy tooth structure growth.

Commonly Asked Question

Would this hurt as much as the root canal that I have received for myself?

-While “nerve treatment” may seemed scary, it is merely an extra step that we take prior to the crown procedure. Since this is not the adult root canal when we think of “nerve treatment”, the process of the “baby root canal” is also much less extensive.

Would my child experience pain after the procedure?

-In some uncommon instances, some mild discomfort may be experienced for a few day by the child. These discomfort can be remedied with over-the-counter pain medication and should improve in the upcoming days.

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