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N2O, often referred to as laughing gas, is used by dentists to help patients relax during treatment. It is a mild and safe sedative that is combined with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask during treatment. It is a very commonly used tool used with kids for a variety of benefits:

-It relaxes patient, decreasing anxiety even for our young patients.

-Because N2O is a mild sedative, our young patients can hear and respond to questions.

-Safe sedative with very few true contraindication. Some hospitals even offer N2O for mother during the newborn delivery process, which shows its safety.

-N2O may reduce the gag reflex, which is often a common barrier for our young patients to undergo treatment.

-Has a very fast onset. Upon completion of procedure, the 100% oxygen administered for 5 minutes will flush all the remaining laughing gas from the body, leaving no residual “hang over” effect.

-Patient can return to their normal activity immediately after the appointment.

-It is always administered at the minimum with 50% oxygen, which is much higher than the normal room oxygen level.

It is recommended that patient should avoid eating 2 hours prior to scheduled treatment appointment with laughing gas to decrease chance of nausea.

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