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While baby teeth are important in maintaining the space for adult teeth in the future, there are a variety of reasons extractions may still be indicated. These reasons include:

-Tooth decay deeming the tooth unrestorable


-Over-retained tooth (baby tooth not falling off naturally, but it’s causing patient pain or the adult tooth is already growing in)

-For orthodontic reasons

What to expect on appointment?

-If N2O is indicated or selected, the nose piece will be placed on patient’s nose. Topical numbing agent will be placed on gum prior to administering of numbing medication (Novocaine). Upon checking to ensure patient is experiencing adequate numbness, the extraction will take place.

Would my child feel pain during the procedure?

-Patient will be checked to ensure that patient is experiencing adequate numbness, but a feeling of pushing and pressure may still be experienced by patient, which is a part of normal expectation for extraction. Rest assured, the typical extraction is usually a quicker procedure compared to other treatment options.

Would my child feel pain after the procedure?

-Numbness will be present for another 2-3 hours. As needed over-the-counter pain medication can be given to patient for additional pain coverage. Typically, pain should subside in 1-2 days.

Are there any other special post extraction care instructions?

-Soft diet for 1 week

-No drinking with straw, spitting, or swishing for 1 week

-Apply pressure on extraction site with gauze for 1-2 hours

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