Dental Crowns

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While we try to provide the most conservative treatment as possible, there will be times when cavities on a child’s tooth is large enough where fillings are no longer an option. In those instances, full coverage crowns (caps) will be options of choice.

In the front tooth, we have few options of white crowns:

-Full coverage composite filling-A shell of white filling material that surrounds the whole tooth

-Zirconia crown-non-metal white crown, similar to porcelain

In the back molar regions, options include the following:

-Stainless Steel Crown-full coverage surgical grade steel crown that encompasses the whole tooth that is highly compatible with natural tooth structure and surrounding gum tissue. For pediatric teeth, these crowns provide the best long term solution.

-Zirconia crown-non-metal white crown, similar to porcelain crown. Unlike adult white crowns where two different appointments are needed, these crowns are fabricated and cemented in one visit. 

If your child is recommended to receive crown therapy due to size of tooth decay, your pediatric dentist will discuss with you the different options of crowns and what the best treatment individually catered to your child.

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